Get to know together with us the fascinating world of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Find out why altcoins such as Ether, Neo or Iota can replace bitcoin in the future. Here we publish articles explaining what blockchain, Dapp application, token, ico, eto and many other terms related to bitcoin. Welcome to the world of finance 2.0.

Bitcoin is not anonymous

We know where the BTC is Many people think that bitcoin is anonymous, because it can be transferred immediately, in any way, wherever the Internet is. Unfortunately, the truth is a bit different. We must not confuse the freedom to send money via bitcoin with

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2019 is a good time to buy bitcoin

New Gold ? Many people compare Bitcoin to gold because, like this beautiful golden metal, bitcoin is also difficult to extract. Furthermore there is little bitcoin and it stores the value in time. For those who don’t know the blockchain technology on which bitcoin is based,

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Uranium Comes Back

After the initial fascination with renewable energy from the sun, wind and other natural energy sources, it was understood that this was not enough. These

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Previous Next We are pleased to present you the new Tips4Tips project. The aim of this project is to provide our subscribers with valuable and

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