How To Become A Rich Person

What About Bonds

The interest rate can be fixed or variable. The variable is calculated on the basis of the current base interest rate. The percentage can be

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Why is there still talk about CPI inflation in the mainstream media and on economic portals? We still hear that the inflation target has been

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Our mission

To educate people who want to secure their livelihoods after retirement.

A rich pensioner is an educational project created for all, especially for those of us who take their financial security seriously during retirement.  We realize that banks, governments and all state institutions can no longer be trusted to manage our pension assets.  Unfortunately, our financial education is at a low level.  We must learn to ensure that we have a pleasant old age.

In a rapidly changing digital world, our savings exist somewhere in virtual reality. Together we will learn how to secure them wisely and ensure their constant growth.

Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge….


Find out all about the world of new digital money


We search for and evaluate the truthfulness of information.


Your guide on how to manage and multiply your accumulated savings


We protect your savings from fraudulent institutions

The truth is a relative concept

We are your signpost on the winding road to rich retirement

We are aware that there are many sources of information on this subject. The number of blogs and websites is huge. Unfortunately, their factual level is often poor, and the few that tell the truth are often difficult to understand without basic knowledge of financial management and that`s why we explain what shares, inflation, crash, token, blockchain and bonds are. We show you different ways to store your capital and to invest your financial surpluses so that your pension is rich.

Marcin Jagodzinski

About us

Where institutions have failed, we have to deal with them ourselves.

Our team consists of a group of people who are facing the same problem: What to do to have a lot of money in retirement. At this point we have crossed the magical barrier of trust in the generally recognized organizations dealing with our money. Each of us went through his or her own individual mental and investment path. We share our experience with you because we believe that everyone has the right to independently manage their pension capital.

General Questions

The Wealthy Pensioner service is intended for all those who are interested in preserving and multiplying their capital so that they can take advantage of it in retirement. Additionally, for all those who care about keeping their hard-earned money away from aggressive financial institutions.

The answer is no. That is why this project was created. 99% of similar blogs, books, companies or projects is in fact a hidden form of selling specific financial products.
We are very sceptical about banks and investment funds, whose theoretical task should be to multiply our savings. At the moment the situation looks rather like in a huge casino. We believe that this is unacceptable and dishonest. For this reason, we want to present you with an alternative and more reliable offer. In addition to our educational mission, we will be presenting you with specific companies and financial products that we believe to be fair and deserve you to be able to multiply your money with them.

Wealthy Pensioner is a project of a group of people who share with you their unique knowledge, which they gained through paid courses, postgraduate schools or active participation in capital markets. We believe  that everyone will be able to thank us  . In return, you will have access to detailed information on topics related to safe investing, analysis of investment products and evaluation of their honesty. You will also learn how to safely enter the cryptocurrency market and what tools to use for it.

Soon we will be able to make small donations using a credit or debit card. At this point we will gladly accept donations for pizza and coffee in the form of Etherum cryptovalute.

So that everyone can use it. We realize that most of the paid investment services are much more expensive. Prices reach 1500 USD per year and more. Sometimes it’s worth paying that much. On the other hand, information contained in such websites is often not worth the money. Another problem with these services is a very high level of difficulty. Our goal is to provide knowledge in a simple and pleasant way. Although this knowledge will not be pleasant. Because the world is not like that.

How to secure a digital pension independent of where you live

Why do banks only pay us 2% a year for the money we lend to them, while money loses 9% of its value every year?

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