We are pleased to present you the new Tips4Tips project. The aim of this project is to provide our subscribers with valuable and specific investment advice.


The idea of Tips4Tips is very simple. From time to time we will present on the website specific investment advice concerning a selected company, ETF, gold, silver, bitcoin or other cryptovalutes. Each tip will contain a description of a given asset, the current market situation, justification and a proposal of the entry and exit point for a given investment.

I immediately explain that Tips4Tips is only for fun. It is not investment advice. We are not professional financial advisors. However, we would like each such tip to be a starting point for your own market research. This will help you to be more proficient in choosing your own investment instruments and increase your chances for early retirement.


Each author of the investment tip will be able to receive gratification from you. Next to the article there will be a field where you will be able to appreciate someone else’s work and send him some money for coffee, pizza or a new smartphone. The decision belongs to you. If you feel that this tip is valuable, you should pay tribute to the author for his hard work.


If one of the tips allows you to earn real money, do not hesitate and share with the author of the advice. He will be all the more eager to create more tips for you. However, if it doesn’t work, consider why. Whether your fault is on your side or Tip was wrong. Remember that it’s just fun. The author shares his thoughts and may be wrong.

In the initial form, the project will be prepared by us. With time we want to involve authors, traders and investors who are friends of WealthyPensioner.


In the next stage we will create an investment community of people who want to retire early. Some of you will also be able to post your investment tips. More information soon.


 Each tip will have several parameters. Here you can  see main features of them. Sometimes we can use more attributes to make tip more valuable


The scale determines the risk you bear when buying such an asset. The higher the number, the greater the risk. Remember that the higher the risk, the smaller the amount you can spend on it.


The author of the advice will determine how long he intends to keep a given asset. In the case of investments for a long time may also determine in which conditions it is worth to sell a given asset.


This is a subjective assessment by the author of the tip. The percentage share of this asset in the portfolio is the result of many factors: risk, volatility of the asset, market situation, type of asset, capitalisation, liquidity of the asset, availability and other factors.


A very important issue. The date is super important. Advice can be up to date for a week, two or a month. Depending on many factors influencing the financial markets. Shield some unexpected tweet of President U.S., Warren Buffet or Elon Musk and the tip is no longer valid.


The author may suggest price ranges in which he recommends the purchase of a given asset.


The author can suggest what percentage profit is satisfactory for him. He can also define a strategy for making a profit. Does he intend to sell the asset immediately when the price reaches a certain level or does he intend to make profits gradually.


In this section you can find additional information about a given asset.

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Marcin Jagodzinski

Marcin Jagodzinski

Author and originator of the Wealthy Pensioner website,medical practitioner, author of articles on economic issues, enthusiast of modern technologies, fan of Brazilian culture and a man fascinated by blockchain technology.

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