The Company specializes in exploration, extraction and processing uranium and titanium. It is one of the biggest native US companies involved in uranium market. UEC concentrates its activities in United States, Canada and Paraguay.

Uranium Energy control many mines rich in uranium and titanium. Palagana mine, Burke Hollow, Goliad, Longhorn, Salve, Anderson, Workman Creek, Los Cuatros and Slick Rock located in US, Diabase located in Canada and Yuty, Oviedo, Alto Parana located in Paraguay(titanium) makes this company a good candidate for one of the main American uranium producers.

UEC  can produce more than 4 million pounds of U3Oper year. If you compare it to the fact that total annual production of uranium in US is at the level of 400 000 pounds you can imagine how attractive company to invest it could be.

Uranium is like gold but more powerful. It`s rare like this shinny metal but it`s also can produce a lot of energy. Uranium Energy Corp.  can produce over 4 mln pounds per year the best fuel we can find in earth. Uranium has the highest energy density per kilogram of all fuels. If you compare 500 GJ/kg to 24MJ/kg you can see the difference. The first data represents uranium, and then second one represents coal.

The price of uranium will grow because of increasing demand for nuclear power. Ready to start poles of uranium makes UEC really good early investing opportunity. Once Uranium energy Corp begins to extract and process uranium, the price of their shares will explode.

Company Profile

500 North Shoreline Boulevard
Suite 800N
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
United States


  • US produces only 400.000 pounds of uranium per year but demand is just about 45 million tons .
  • Us Government is working on the law that recognises uranium as a strategic resource. This process could be very beneficial for uranium companies which operates in US.
  • Uranium used in US is mostly imported from abroad. Nowadays during intense trade war, this is unfavourable for US. Government has given the  green light for American uranium mining companies to reduce dependence on foreign uranium suppliers.
  • new nuclear power plant is opening –  under construction:4, planned:14, proposed: 28(source IAEA PRIS)
  • 98 active nuclear power plants in US need fuel (source IAEA PRIS)
  • growing electricity demand: industry, home appliances like air conditioners, EV`s and others
  • possibility of takeover. Big gamers are buying good companies in order to grow and control the market. It would launch the prices to the top.
  • Total world production of uranium is 59,462 tones (2017) US produces only 940 per year.
  • Nuclear power plants supply 20% of  electricity in the USA.


  • Big volatility of the prices of this company . That`s why I give 4. This asset isn`t for everyone. It`s rather for strong speculators which believe in growing uranium market.
  • UEC still is on pre-production stage(even they say that theirs ISR mining process is really easy to start)

I didn`t prepare any graph for you. It is your homework. Please try to find good entry point. In my opinion it is the most important thing in investing at all. It doesn`t guarantee financial success of your investments but  increases probability of your success in trading.

Please note that is only my private opinion and it is not professional investment advice because I`m not licensed financial advisor. I have done fundamental and technical research and I hope it would generate some profits  for you and me. Anyway be careful because stock markets is very dangerous now 🙂


Uranium Energy Corp






Short term - may 2019. Long term - years


1 % -This is just speculation





TIME to sell

30 % increase in price - short time

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